Yoltons Art
An artist awarded for best of show and first in many shows, she has been offered and issued a place in Who’s Who several years in a row. Her art is world famous and has hung in several museums. She is one of the very first artists to guarantee your satisfaction. She believes if it does not meet with your requirements you should not have to buy it. Her paintings are in her gallery to view and purchase. The art starts at $195.00.
Portraits get hung, pictures fade and get discarded when you leave this world.

Prevent It
Helping with all that is listed below.

This is not intended to be a medicine or a cure.
Do not take Prevent It if you are pregnant or nursing because this capsule tends to level your T cells and helps to put you back to being normal. Your body does not think being pregnant is being normal and may cause severe consequences, perhaps even miscarriage. So do not take this capsule if you are pregnant or nursing.

  • Protect the Aorta
  • Hypertension
  • Stomach Problems
  • Throat Problems
  • Infections
  • Stress
  • Colds
  • Cholesterol
  • Suppresses Gum Pain Making Healthy Gum
  • Stimulation of T Cells
  • Proper Evacuation
  • Acid Reflux Disease


Satin Skin

Replace soap - soap can get into your blood stream and cause clogging in your blood veins. It may leave residue on your skin, and that can be the cause of body odor. Get rid of the odor!

Believe it or not , there is something you can do to stave off age related dark spots and wart like age spots. This will even help reverse the process of ageing . Keeping the skin in tip-top shape is one of the most important things a woman or man wants these days. Further with this product you can for the most part stop using harsh chemicals and soap on your skin. Satin Skin exfoliates and relieves itch. No one wants to look old. “ Satin Skin “ is a skin rejuvenator , it does just that for face, hands, feet or the whole body .

Q. What is it's side effects
A. I has strange side effects, it makes you look younger.

Between Parent and Child


Those of you who already own it told us that everyone who has children need this book. So we printed it again. The doctors that helped, said, get this to more people. Children need this guidance.

Most books are too long , this is brief and to the point. It is brief on words and long on effects. Other books have so many pages that by the time you have read the book the child may be 30.

So for you wonderful people who actually care about their children and what goes into their heads and how it will effect them in the future, we solute you and encourage you to get this book. It is free because we care about children also and have some of our own and these methods really work.

This book will help you enjoy your child's childhood. It goes by so quickly. Hurry it can not wait. Order now.

For special questions and concerns about your child, please call 352-434-9378

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