An artist awarded for best of show and first in many shows, she has been offered and issued a place in Who’s Who several years in a row. Her art is world famous and has hung in several museums. She is one of the very first artists to guarantee your satisfaction. She believes if it does not meet with your requirements you should not have to buy it.
She started painting portraits because of a
story when she was a child.

The story goes like this: A small boy got lost. When he realized he might never see his parents again he painted a portrait of himself and put it on the wall of the post office. Someone saw it and made copies of it for the news papers . You know the rest of the story , they found him. So she decided she would do the same, so she would never get lost from her parents.

A mother of three daughters, grandmother to 4 grandchildren, and two great grand children , she was born in a small town in Pennsylvania, a daughter to George A. and Veda Montgomery.

She still loves the outdoors and travels extensively so that she can paint from her heart. She says "I can paint you skiing in the alps , because I have been there, even if you have never been. I can get creative".

Once she painted a woman that was pulling herself in a small wagon as she was as a baby. She has painted children in clouds and many more paintings. She does not use your painting on the web site unless you give her permission or unless it was posted before you bought it. Therefore, not all of her paintings are in her gallery or anywhere else that you can view.

She says "I believe all people should have the right to own fine art".

Her motto is as follows:
Portraits get hung, pictures fade and get discarded when you leave this world
She says" I look like my great , great grandmother", had there not been a portrait of her great, great grandmother, she would not know that she looks like her. You will be glad you left this legacy. Make all your memories immortal.

Mary Ann can paint portraits of you your dog , cat, horse, boat, car, house, or any memory or any scenery. To scale if necessary or requested. Also done from photos by mail. Mary Ann dose not have to have people sit to have their portraits done.
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