Between Parent and Child Book

There does not seem to be a right way to raise kids, someone always has something to say about it, but all of us need help from time to time. If some of us had had some help, we may have not made so many mistakes. You want them to grow and grow the way you think is right, but the way to teach does not come natural to most of us. What most of us know is we don't know enough, but we want the best for our children.

You wanted them born with instructions. Well here are your instructions, though they may not have been there when the child was born, it is not too late .

This is a book between parent and child, the way it should be, all roses and butterflies.
We apologize for selling out of the first printing so fast, but we have a second all ready for you.
It is now available to be ordered on the internet. Not an E book but better, something you do not have to print for yourself and yet you can carry with you to read anywhere.


Those of you who already own it told us that everyone who has children need this book. So we printed it again. The doctors that helped, said, get this to more people. Children need this guidance.

Most books are too long , this is brief and to the point. It is brief on words and long on effects. Other books have so many pages that by the time you have read the book the child may be 30.

So for you wonderful people who actually care about their children and what goes into their heads and how it will effect them in the future, we solute you and encourage you to get this book. It is free because we care about children also and have some of our own and these methods really work.

This book will help you enjoy your child's childhood. It goes by so quickly. Hurry it can not wait. Order now.

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